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Alexander Bayacal

Alexander Bayacal went into business at the young age of 20 years old. He started out in the real estate business with his family. After a year in his family real estate business Alexander was recruited into the financial services industry.

Alex was attracted to the financial services industry and the solutions it provided to clients that he felt real estate alone could not provide. The solutions that can be provided in financial services are not a one size fits all strategy. It’s about understanding what clients’ current situations are and how we can provide solutions to help get them where they are looking to go and what they are looking to accomplish.

Alex and his extended family never had anybody show them how to put a financial strategy together for themselves and their business so it just made sense that by joining the industry he could learn that for himself, his family and others. However, after joining the industry Alex quickly realized that for some firms in the industry it is just an office full of advisors trying to sell or position a new product. Virtually nobody within the firms he was with knew how and/or showed Alex how they can put an entire financial strategy together and how to effectively present it to a client.

So, Alex took it upon himself to really comprehend financial services. Doing more research than anyone else, studying more than anyone else, and making calls to network more than anyone else, and after trial and error it all seemed to come together and he could present powerful financial solutions which in turn provided clarity and peace of mind to his clients.

After having success in the industry for himself and his clients, Alex wanted to start teaching new professionals how to build sound financial strategies and effectively communicate to clients so they could avoid the enormous task of learning it the way him did – by trial and error. To that end Alex founded Paladin Financial & Insurance Solutions.

Paladin Financial & Insurance Solutions was founded not only teach new professionals how to build a successful financial services practice but he felt it was his mission to help more and more clients all over the state of California and the country. To that end Alex started investing his own time and resources learning more about marketing and technology. After a tremendous amount of research and effort Alex was able to take his firm completely virtual – from client acquisition to client servicing.

Despite Paladin Financial & Insurance Solutions short history the success they had caught the attention of many firms that wanted to work with them. After an extensive process Alex chose to merge & work with Derek McDougall and his firms because the vision Derek has is a perfect match for Alex and his team.  In addition, One San Diego & One Pacific Financial Strategies resources and scale will allow Alex and his professionals to grow into the team Alex always knew was possible.