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Andrew Rosner*

Andrew Rosner*

Executive Financial Advisor

Always intrigued with the markets, at age 11 Andrew built his first mock portfolio and then dialed in on his family’s 56k modem once a week to follow it. Fast forward to today, and while technology has sent dial up modems to museums, unfortunately, many portfolio allocations have not changed significantly compared to what previous generations have held. This lack of diversification has as much to do with information overload as it does the “do it all” financial planner. In fact, value is generated not through the ability to be a “jack of all trades” advisor, but instead a professional amongst professionals. Enter Andrew’s relationship with One Pacific Financial Services.

Andrew is a graduate of Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management and an obsessed Boilermaker fan. While on summer break Andrew met his now-wife, Rachel, on vacation in San Diego. They dated 2.5 years while over 2,000 miles apart until he graduated. In 2009, Andrew was blessed to receive an offer to move to San Diego and began a career in outside sales with a focus on institutional soap and water filtration. Andrew’s experience there solidified his belief that he needed a career where he went home every night knowing that he made a difference in individual families’ lives rather than a company’s profits.

In 2012, Andrew made the career move to financial planning and started working with individuals on their insurance and retirement planning. In 2018 he was asked by a small business owner to assist with their company’s 401(k) plan. After a year of working to learn and become proficient in the ERISA space, he found a passion to not only help the business find success and efficiency, but also the reward of working with the company’s employee participants. He found providing participant retirement education meetings not only boosted morale, but also workplace satisfaction and employee retention. This passion to help businesses provide the same experience for employees while also benefiting the company owner’s tax situation is the driving force behind Employer 401K Solutions.

Over the past decade, Andrew’s practice has been built through his business planning experience for owners, executives, and their key people. Andrew’s focus areas are ERISA plans, 409(A) deferred compensation, and tax efficiency-related planning. With the 401(k) becoming the most commonly known ERISA plan, in 2021 Andrew rebranded his practice as Employer 401(k) Solutions. Since then, his team has not only serviced dozens of plans, but also helped offload employer burden of participant education and enrollment, investment line up selection, and benchmarking.

By streamlining the setup and service of these plans, many business owners have freed up time, money, and resources to focus on their own situation and how they can utilize other niche business planning areas. Enter One Pacific Financial Services. Knowing that Andrew’s experience lies in relation to employer/employee focus planning, One Pacific became a go-to resource for the clients’ personal planning. After several years of unofficially working together, in January of 2024 Andrew officially joined the OneAmerica Securities, Inc. umbrella to integrate further with One Pacific.

Andrew is blessed to share two children, Owen and Reagan, with Rachel. As lifetime learners, Andrew’s family loves to travel and experience different cultures, cuisine, and history firsthand. Always on the go, Andrew enjoys coaching his son and daughter’s flag football teams, attending Broadways with his wife, snowboarding/skiing, and is currently learning to surf.

The use of asset allocation or diversification does not assure a profit or guarantee against a loss.