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Brittany Smith

Brittany began her experience with cash flow and accounting while in college reading contracts and handling accounting for a small manufacturing business. At the same time, she was studying at California Polytechnic University, Pomona for her B.S. in Business Administration which she completed in Fall 2017. 

 Brittany ventured into sales and while she ranked at the top of the board for the short while she was there, she realized that her true passion was in the financial services industry. She has since worked in the Business Management Industry wearing multiple hats while servicing Professional Athlete’s financial needs and then later transitioning to the “Professional Actors” division to onboard the offices highest net worth client to date. It was here that Brittany learned more about insurance, taxes and financial planning. She managed projects ranging in scope from speaking with the coast guard about a client’s sunken yacht or the FAA to discuss permits for certain planes or pilots. She also supported her client’s businesses as she would advise the staff on payroll, benefits and other cash flow projects.  

Brittany loves meeting and exceeding deadlines and delivering on her commitments, so the financial services industry works so well for her as she can put that determination to use in a firm that focuses on helping people of all walks of life to better their financial picture. 

 Her Hobbies include riding and showing her horse named Jersey and playing with her puppy Appa. Brittany loves animals and as mentioned she has a horse, Puppy and two Guinea Pigs!