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Kaylee  Bjarnason

Kaylee was born in southern Saskatchewan, Canada in a rural community. After seeing her mother work in banking, Kaylee always felt drawn to the finance industry. After graduating high school, she set her sights on new horizons and obtained a student visa to move to southern California to pursue her post-secondary education.

 Kaylee began her studies at Chaffey College in 2018 where she would go on to obtain two Associates Degrees and two certificates. During the course of her studies, she was an avid leader on campus and continued her involvement when she transferred to the University of Redlands to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

 In 2022, Kaylee obtained a green card, had her first baby, completed her undergraduate degree, and began searching for a career path that would enable her to make a difference and help people. Kaylee upholds strong personal values of empathy, growth, leadership, and integrity, and was overjoyed to join the team at One Pacific Financial Strategies where these ideologies are shared. Now, Kaylee fiercely supports her team to help people achieve financial liberty and works with the district’s clientele to assist them in achieving their achieve financial wellness goals.

 During her free time, Kaylee enjoys spending time in nature and connecting with her spirituality, traveling, baking, creating artistic pieces and projects of various mediums, going to the beach, attending art galleries, and most importantly of all spending time with her family and cuddles with her daughter.